Medical Imaging Analytics

Leveraging on the team’s extensive experience in the area of oncology imaging in partnership with world-leading hospitals and pharmaceutical companies over the past twenty years, FITPU Healthcare has developed MItalytics, a software platform for oncology imaging analytics with the following features:

  • Analytics for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Imaging
    • New – including Distributed Parameter model, the latest pharmacokinetic model
    • Comprehensive – including the primary pharmacokinetic models, such as Tofts, Extended-Tofts, Conventional 2-Compartment (CC2),  Adiabatic Approximation to Tissue Homogeneity (AATH), etc.
    • Fast – minutes to process a data set
  • Analytics for multi-parametric and multi-modality imaging
    • Diffusion Weighted Imaging
    • Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging
    • Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Imaging
    • Arterial Spin Labelling Imaging

MItalytics is suitable for quantitatively assessing the status of tissue microvascularity of most solid tumors, and is also applicable for diagnosis of other diseases related to microcirculation disturbance such as stroke.